Mike Gustafson

The Richards Group

I have shot with Marc in studio and on location, all over the country. When the job parameters changed in mid shoot, Marc steps back, figurers it out, and makes it happen. On budget. He gets my shot every-time!

Lauren Sigler

Baxter Pharamaceuticals

It was dead of winter and I had to shoot our clients that use our Gammagard product. “We chose Marc to do our campaign’s twice. Our team travel and shot in Mount Dora, Florida. It looked like the Hampton’s except without those crazy location fees Thanks, for a job well done”.

Leda Walker

Art Buyer, Flecther Martin

Marc has shot several campaigns for Fletcher Martin over the past few years. Our clients and creative teams have been extremely pleased with the images he delivered. It is a big relief to me as the art buyer to know that he will bring the job in on budget every-time. I would highly recommend Marc for his photography talent, as well as his estimating and production skills. He is a true professional.

Hope Lane

Creative Partner, Results Partnership

Shoots can be complex enough. As a creative director, you want a photographer who makes it easy, and even better, fun. I’ve shot with Marc in all kinds of situations from cruise line shoots with bad weather to shoots with real people, not models for American Express. He always been a pleasure to work with, and keeps the shoot moving, making things run smooth and turning out successful images.

Tim Revenna

Revenna Design

Marc has supplied my agency with many days & nights of photographic mastery. From mega international production shoots to simple portraits, Marc has always delivered to me (and my client’s) critical photographic expectations. Luxury cruising lifestyle photography is a unique venue of diverse restrictions and opportunities. Marc has constantly captured the best of difficult shooting schedules and ever changing shooting scenarios. Marc Vaughn is a seasoned professional and will get the images you require.

Susan Highsmith

Highsmith & Company

As a young marketing executive with the Arvida Corporation in the 80's, I hired even-younger Marc Vaughn for a mammoth photo shoot, and then continued to work with him throughout my career. He's always been my first choice of shooter for my ad agency. Marc and his work remains fresh and vibrant as ever. Gracious and multi talented, he never disappoints.

Malay Desai

Amrit YogaI Institute

In the mid 60's my father Amrit Desai, was one of the first teachers to bring yoga to the United States. In the yoga world he is very well known, and has been constantly photographed ever since. Marc was the first photographer I have seen to "capture his true essence".

Scott Deal

Maverick Boat Company

I have been working with Marc for 28 years. He alway surprises me, every-time. "I will work with him as long as he wants to work for us".